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Mikel fires Chelsea warning

Last season's Champions League victory was built on solid defence, but Roberto Di Matteo has introduced a more expansive style this season.

The Italian has been rewarded with eight goals in three straight league victories, but his side were picked off at will by Atletico Madrid in a Super Cup thrashing in Monaco.

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karim3682d ago

Same applies to Mikel, was abysmal during the game, so where the others

Straightupbeastly3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Chelsea still lacks a midfield and playmakers in my eyes. Lampard is washed up. Mata is overrated. Ramires and Mikel are one dimensional. Oscar is not ready. Maybe Marin and Moses will help but Chelsea still need two in the center who can move the ball and pass, hazard cannot do it all.. I'm surprised they passed on Gaston Ramirez or didn't try to get Sahin on loan. Maybe they should go after Moutinho now that he could be had.

goku323593682d ago

I agree with you on everything except for what you said about Mata and Lampard.
Lampard may older, but he still brings a solid performance every game.
Mata (and now Hazard too) is the engine of Chelsea. He may have not been exceptional for us the last few games, but he was still a great help for us, providing many a ball to Torres. He's just in a little bit of a slump at the moment.