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Alvaro Arbeloa Speaks Out On Cristiano Ronaldo

Alvaro Arbeloa speaks out on Cristiano Ronaldo after Ronaldo claimed he was "unhappy" at Real Madrid

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karim3552d ago

Pretty much proves that all of the talks of him leaving are just lies.

pompombrum3551d ago

Doesn't really prove anything tbh. Having said though, anyone who believe the papers are just naive morons. The media are just capitalizing on a juicy story by spewing BS...everytime anyone has a reason to believe a big name is unhappy, they're going to talk about how the clubs with the sugar daddies are going to be splashing their cash.

karim3551d ago

Can't agree more, those talks about him returning to Utd are absolute bull and to add insult to injury, one website reported he wants "430,000" Pounds. What the hell?

abzdine3551d ago

media is full of shit, nothing new about it