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Usain Bolt set for Manchester United debut against Real Madrid

The 100m Olympic champion might have the opportunity to play for the Red Devils in a friendly against the Real Madrid legends next year according to Sir Alex Ferguson.

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jak3y13oy3548d ago

Where would he play though? Don't see him being a striker, maybe in the wings, maybe he could be a full back?

buddymagoo3548d ago

He has said in the past he likes to play on the left wing.

I'm just happy the fatest man on earth and one of the greatest sportsmen of all time is a United fan.

buddymagoo3548d ago


haha I only just noticed I missed the s in fastest, brilliant!

crazyturkey3548d ago

I see you still have Rooney in your head, lol.

buddymagoo3548d ago

poor Rooney people concentrate on his looks and weight rather than his skills. You would think they are a bunch of women.

I bet over half the naysayers arn't anywhere near as fit as him.

Second top goalscorer behind RVP and in front of Aguero can't be too bad can it!?