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Man Utd Prepared To Swap Wayne Rooney For Cristiano Ronaldo

Sensational news are out claiming that Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson wants to buy back Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

According to AS, to fund the bank-busting deal, Fergie is willing to cash in on Wayne Rooney.

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karim3546d ago

Would be surprising if it really happens, both players are settled (Ronaldo issue will probably be over soon) and I'm guessing there's no point of them leaving since both teams are competing for trophies. Plus, Ronaldo is probably valued at over 100M by Real Madrid so United will shell out 50M or more+ Rooney for him

Corepred43545d ago

LMAO!! What a joke of a swap. I don't want Rooney!

lyvon3544d ago


that's all that can be said...

Rooney for Ronaldo?

Like I said, LOL!

Ninjamonkey823544d ago

I don't want Ronaldo back at United. He breaks the dynamic of the team he did this when he was here and he will do it again if he was back.

His gain is personal he runs head first at the biggest pay packet and he takes the dive afr to many times.

Yeah we got a few here at United that need to buck up there ideas aswell. But Ronaldo claims to be the best when clearly theres only one player that can hold that title Messi.

We don't need him here it was abit of fun when he was here regradless but now we are back to some serious football at United.

Ronaldo is best of where he is ether way if City whre to flash there wallets that would be the lads first choice mark my words on that hes a money man end of the day. No matter waht promises where made.

Some are silly to believe he went on to Madrid because his mum dreamt of him playing there one day. Thats bull tbh only took a minute at madrid and he was asked by a reporter do you think your worth the money he said hes worth more. that answers alot to me.

Go up to the park and watch a lad playing with his dad are a team in on the saturday playing a match they aint paid yet they will turn in every week and enjoy it as much as anyone else. hell there memories will probably be worth more end of the day.

No footballer is worth that money.

krazykombatant3544d ago

wall of text not worth my time.

All i got from bits of it is butthurt manu fans who can't seem to recall he was their best player and reason for why the team won championships.

Ninjamonkey823544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

We where winning titles long before he was at United m8. Hes accounted for some success but the players around him did as much and when Ronaldo plays in a team the rest of a team seems to be forgotten for a player that isn't all that.

Heres the reason right here Ronaldo has a champions league to his name and he best remember it.

No butt hurt here son just a known fact that a team plays better as a team when they play together and not as an indivisual.

We have had a player at United that still hasn't been replaced to this day that Ronaldo would not be fit to shine his boots. George Best.