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Ronaldo is only the 10th highest paid player in the world

Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a staple in this week`s headlines, since it was revealed that he was unhappy at the club and had asked Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez for a pay raise, which was promptly rejected, forcing the Portuguese star to request a transfer.

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karim3733d ago

Wow, who is even that Conca lad being paid a staggering 10.8M Euros? Never even heard of him

freeduck3732d ago

Had to look him up on wikipedia. Can't believe the Chinese paid so much for him

ScytheX33732d ago

rofl did the same shit.

karim3732d ago

The Chinese are out of their minds. Seriously! He's earning MORE than Ronaldo. Wow, just wow

ScytheX33732d ago

lol at the title "only" make it seems like hes come in tenth place for something meaningful, mother fucker still makes more money in 1 month than ill earn from now till i die.

RGB3731d ago

And people said players joined Madrid for money! lol