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U.S. loses at Jamaica in qualifier

Rodolph Austin and Luton Shelton scored on free kicks as Jamaica rallied to beat the United States 2-1 Friday night in a World Cup qualifier, giving the Reggae Boyz their first win over the Americans.

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no_more_heroes3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


Bomboclaat, star! We actually beat them, in a competitive match, too! Are they actually serious about making it back to the WC after 16 bloody years?!

Awesome time to be a Jamaican lately, I must say!

The_Devil_Hunter3548d ago

I play college soccer and eveyr time my Jamaican teammate yells bomboclaat star when we score what does it mean?

no_more_heroes3548d ago

It's the Jamaican "Holy sh*t, dude!"

Bomboclaat = "Holy sh*it"
star = "dude"