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Why Rooney's Injury Helps Man-U

BR - Wayne Rooney suffered a bad gash to his thigh during Manchester United’s 3-2 Premier League win against Fulham at Old Trafford.

The injury is likely to rule Rooney out for a month, leaving United without the man widely considered to be their most talented player.

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-Mezzo-3542d ago

Yes, but for now they can carry on with RVP without any problem.

Gamer19823541d ago

It helps them because he's vastly over rated and they play better without him. When he plays he scores because they fire a ton of balls to him in the box and he eventually scores. Where as other players in the team would put more in the back of the net given the chances he gets. Just look at his England career for proof of how over-rated he is. He's got like 2-3 goals in his entire England career.

buddymagoo3541d ago

Scored more goals than any City player last season.

Troll off!

3541d ago