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Ronaldo is not sad, he is fine, says Portugal team-mate Nani

The Portugal winger said there is nothing wrong with the reportedly unhappy Real Madrid star, who celebrated his goal for his country during their 2-1 win over Luxembourg.

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no_more_heroes3548d ago

So what's the strop for, then? Why is it such a big secret?

jak3y13oy3548d ago

stop exploiting the system mate ;) :L 140 degrees already :L

no_more_heroes3548d ago

I have never done it apart from this example, so I'm not exploiting anything.

jak3y13oy3548d ago

haha i'm only joking around bud ;)

GanjaMan3547d ago

hes moving to city, its already a done deal.

Straightupbeastly3547d ago

Nani sent him a new pink dildo, so he is no longer sad

karim3547d ago

Heard he wanted it purple, hence why he's sad (Just joking, no need to get nasty, fanboys!)