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Rodgers: You “train” dogs – not footballers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers tells viewers on the new documentary series ‘Being: Liverpool’ that he believes in “educating” players rather than “training” them.

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karim3548d ago

I like Brendan's way of thinking, I wonder if LFC will give him time..

freeduck3548d ago

I think they will tbh. When FSG took over the club was in chaos and had to put an axe on Hodgson's regime, Kenny was brought in to get LFC out of relegation zone, and Rodgers is slowly trying to get LFC to play a consistent brand of football. My only upset was that we didn't bring in enough players this summer, specifically a striker and that will make Rodgers job a bit more difficult but I think he can manage until January.

Kopite_20203548d ago

I have great faith in Rodgers, in fact I'd struggle to think of a time when I've greater faith in a Liverpool manager. I just have a very good feeling about him probably due to his conviction in implementing his tactical vision. I've not seen him do anything questionable as of yet (Andy Carroll loan debacle mainly down to FSG and Ayres shoddy forethought and backing) whereas Houllier and Benitez would regularly make bewildering decisions. Let's not mention Hodgson, Dalglish was more admiration and a little blind faith from myself. Hopefully as the players adapt to the new style we will begin to form solid foundations from which to build, let's see what happens in January.