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The 5 Most Important Players on Tito Vilanova's Roster

BR - La Liga's new season is in full swing, and Barcelona is atop the tables with a five point lead on their rivals, Real Madrid.

Tito Vilanova's side has yet to even hit full stride, but they have still gotten the full three points from every match so far.

That success is representative of a team that is considered the best of this generation. It is not because of any one player, but because of an incredible team effort.

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-Mezzo-3542d ago

Messi, Inesta, Feregas -- that's just to name a few, there are so many other great players in the team.

karim3542d ago

Messi, Iniesta, Xavi. I'll tell you something, the whole freaking squad is important!

Straightupbeastly3541d ago

1. Messi - goal machine
2. Iniesta - the playmaker, responsible for a lot of messi success
3. Xavi - leader, he is Barca
4. Villa - look at how Barca struggled to score goals in the big games without Villa
5. Puyol - another leader, bleeds Barca colors