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Fergie asks United to bring back Ronaldo and pay whatever it takes

Mirror - Sir Alex Ferguson will ask Manchester United to pay whatever it takes to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford.

Rooney on...Ronaldo: The truth behind THAT wink and my red card

Ferguson is anxious to discover whether the ­Portuguese superstar is ­serious about wanting to quit Real Madrid.

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-Mezzo-3852d ago

If the rumors of the over 100 Million in money are something to go by, then i think they just might.

sublIME2s3851d ago

Man I would love to see CR7 back in the United squad. This was the time when he was the best player in the world without any doubt in my mind. Fergie made the player he is right now, i'm sure he appreciates everything United has done for him. That would be something to watch! From a Portuguese fan like me, please come back Ronaldo. C'mon son.

Ares84HU3850d ago

You're his father???? wow. /s

b163o13850d ago

United cant afford this guy. Lol at United fans. LMAO!!

sublIME2s3850d ago

United can afford whoever they want to. They're one of the richest clubs in the world & one of the greatest clubs of all time. Everyone knows that. Haters gonna hate.

b163o13850d ago

They also have a massive dept. Desprite teams say the stupidest things. Is United gonna be able to pay him $500,000 a week?? Lol nope. He's just looking for that money being the 10th highest paid player in football has him pissed off. I'm not a hater, just City fan. You United fans a hilarious