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Joint statement due from Real Madrid & Ronaldo

Real Madrid are preparing a joint statement with Cristiano Ronaldo to put an end to the speculation that has been rife since he admitted he was ‘sad’ at the club last weekend following the win over Granada.

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karim3738d ago

Everyone will be tuning to this statement, hopefully it would be worth the wait. If Ronaldo's sadness was because he didn't get a payrise, he should seriously re-evaluate himself.

sdtarm3737d ago

who the fuck will "tune in" for this statement? they'll say that its nothing or that he'll suck it up, they're are not gonna announce his exit after the first game of the season big deal of drama

karim3737d ago

If it wasn't Ronaldo, any other player would have been fined. What he said to the media was unacceptable at all and caused lots of stir.