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Nani: Ronaldo Not Coming Back To United

Whole internet was buzzing with rumors like, “Sir Alex Ferguson wants Manchester United to break their banks to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to old trafford.” and “Manchester City plotting a 95 million bid for Ronaldo.” But media is just making the most out of it. SoccerSouls still don’t know the exact reason for Ronaldo’s unhappiness at Madrid.

Now Manchester United winger Nani casts his doubts at the possibility of Ronaldo coming back to United.

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karim3334d ago

He sure wouldn't want him to come back, he'll spend most of his time on the bench (Well, he is warming it this season)

Corepred43334d ago

What's up with that? Nani is one of my favorite players, why is he warming the bench? Who do they have in front of him, or did he fall out of favor?

crazyturkey3334d ago

Maybe is Young in front of him? or RVP if they want to play him there.....but maybe he just fell out of Ferguson's favor.

b163o13333d ago

Seems like the only United player with any common sense. Ronaldo is only out to increase his cash flow, and it's understandable being the 10th highest paid player playing it was a shock to me. It's like two people I've never heard of getting more then him. Second UNITED CAN'T AFFORD HIM.