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Rooney's United Career All But Over

Wayne Rooney has admitted that the decision for him to stay at United is not his.

The England forward fell out with United management and fans when he questioned United’s ambitions and requested a transfer.

The striker claimed that this was a mistake by saying “Obviously I had that situation a couple of years ago, but made it clear very quickly I had made a mistake.”

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karim3534d ago

I agree that the relationship between Sir Alex and Rooney was never the same after the transfer request and that RVP's acquisition might have raised a few eyebrows about Rooney's future, RVP is world class and I really can't see him lose his place when he's on top form, Rooney needs to step up his game to prove his worth + Sir Alex *might* tweak the team to accomodate these two.

zeddy3533d ago

we forget he scored like 35 goals last season.

BelieveinGhosts3533d ago

Exactly, People are so quick to hate Rooney even though he is the best English talent still playing. To be honest, Rooney is good enough to play for barcelona or Real Madrid but i doubt he can adjust to a different language/culture

BelieveinGhosts3533d ago

In my opinion, both are 'Fringe' world class players but Rooney is slightly better. Look at it this way, Rooney is a better passer and dribbler than Van Persie, Rooney is also faster, stronger and has better awareness and vision. However, Van Persie is a better aerial threat and a slightly better finisher in front of Goal. I just hope both can play together when the champions league begins