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Hillsborough: Lies Exposed as Liverpool Fans and Families Finally Hear the Truth

BR - "It is right for me today, as Prime Minister, to make a proper apology to the families of the 96 for all they have suffered over the past 23 years. The injustice of the appalling events; the failure of the state to protected their loved ones and the indefensible wait to get to the truth and then the injustice of the denigration of the deceased, that they were somehow at fault for their own deaths. So, on the behalf of our government, and indeed our country, I am profoundly sorry that this double injustice has been left uncorrected for so long."

Those were the words spoken by Prime Minister David Cameron this morning, words which the fans and families of Liverpool Football Club, the club affected by the Hillsborough disaster which claimed 96 lives, have been waiting more than 23 years to hear.

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