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Highlights: Getafe 1-4 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 15/09/12)

0-1 Adriano 32'
0-2 L. Messi 74'(pen)
0-3 L. Messi 78'
1-3 J. Mascherano 80'(og)
1-4 D. Villa 90' +1'

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Nes_Daze3329d ago

Glad to see Villa score, and Messi scores twice again!

goku323593328d ago

Great game from Barcelona yet again.

Slightly Off-Topic: I hate this kit!

krazykombatant3328d ago

the kit for barca this year is pretty awful looking.

Corepred43327d ago

Why are Barca still playing Mascherano? He's more of a liability than anything. Even though they are our rivals, seeing Villa score is always nice to see for me.

Sahil3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

first time I've heard this from a football fan.

Javier Mascherano.. a liability, oh boy.

Corepred43325d ago

The internet... where people have opinions. =)