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Arsenal Demolish Southampton, but Title Talks Are Premature

BR - Childish glee and joy in the moment, that characteristic said to be emblematic of those not far from the state of nature, is a strong attribute of the media, much like driving populist narratives is another of its strong suits.

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ProjectVulcan3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I laughed when i heard Wenger already banging on about the title after thrashing Southampton.

He doesn't half talk some rubbish sometimes. He always says we have a chance at the title, we can win it, but by the new year, they are pretty much out of it.

Arsenal are playing for 3rd at best. He has bought some decent players but his squad is clearly not nearly as good as City's or United's and I would rate them below Chelsea too after they splashed out and bought real quality.