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Ramos benched for questioning Mourinho

Ramos was a surprise scratch from the line-up, as Mourinho made the last minute change due to a “technical decision,” which led many to believe that there may have been a pre-match bust up between Ramos and Mourinho.

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karim3532d ago

You just can't leave a player of this quality on the bench, a bust up is believable

krazykombatant3532d ago

Looks like mou is laying down the hammer as of late. He just simply isn't happy with the attitude of some of the players.

goku323593531d ago

And that's exactly what Mourinho should do. Real have some of the best players in the world, but something's been going on there for the past few weeks. I don't know if its the attitudes, Morinho, or something completely different, but Real have not been their regular selves recently.

That win against Man City should probably do the trick and pull them out of this slump.

zeddy3530d ago

ramos is overrated big time. he's a better right back than centre back. cant remember a game where hes totally dominated the defence.