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Nes_Daze3720d ago

Nice goal by Tello, and great header by messi, defense is still quite shitty honestly.

yezz3719d ago

Watching Spartaks second goal was a perfect example, players who were defending were song, busquets, macherano and adriano.. none of them is a proper defender!

I am amazed that barca still didnt buy any centerbacks.. abidal, pique and puyol are basically the only "defending defenders" in barca and they get injured very often so i think this can be a huge problem!

Nes_Daze3719d ago

I agree, Puyol is out and that leaves one hell of a problem for the other "true" defenders. Problem with Pique is he loses focus when he has a problem with Shakira lol, nah, he loses focus frequently.

goku323593720d ago

shitty defense seems to be the case with most teams right now

Corepred43720d ago

Tello caught me by surprise. I see big things in his future is he can keep it up! Being outjumped by Messi! LMAO! Oh man! What was up with that Dani Alves own goal, that was weird. Puyol is being missed and did Pique play today?