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Referee Lee Probert is upended in two-man tackle, jokingly shows Sidwell & Watson red card

Referee Lee Probert showed poor positional skills here, getting too close to the action and ending up the meat in a Watson-Sidwell tackle.

The man in black saw the funny side, and after receiving some treatment, jokingly brandished the red card at his aggressors.

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karim3530d ago

This is hilarious, I've never seen a ref like that!

crazyturkey3530d ago

Lol The players did it on purpose especially the Fulham player.

no_more_heroes3529d ago

Huh...didn't know Lee Probert had a sense of humour...

...didn't know ANY referee was capable of having a sense of humour...

Kos-Mos3529d ago

You don't know much, do you?