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Highlights: Chelsea 1-0 Stoke City (English Premier League - 22/09/12)

1-0 A. Cole 85'

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karim3524d ago

Horrible, horrible performance. Torres was painful to watch and this if the first time I say it, but I'm losing patience with him. Anyway, it's nice to see Ash scoring again after 2 seasons!

wantedboys3524d ago

yes ur right with the performance but the important thing is the 3 points

karim3524d ago

Agreed, always tough when you play a team like Stoke.

goku323593524d ago

I can see this going in one of two ways:

A) Torres gets out of slump, hits form again, problem solved.

B) Torres fails to get better, Sturridge is used more often, and a player like Cavani or Falcao is bought in the winter.

I really want it to be option A because I'm a Torres fan, but if he doesn't pick up the slack soon, there's really nothing that can be done.
We've got some big games coming up within the next few weeks, so it's now or never for Torres unfortunately.

Mozilla893524d ago

Yeah, he seems to be really moody. If things are going well he'll play well but gets discouraged easily.

Di Matteo looks to be sticking with him though. I just wonder how deadly we'd be if we had Falcao with this midfield behind him.

Mozilla893524d ago

I wouldn't say it was a horrible performance but we lacked a cutting edge up front. The important thing, like mentioned below is we got the 3 points against a tough Stoke team.

Nes_Daze3524d ago

Will be interesting to see how the table starts to take shape in the upcoming 2-3 weeks, Chelsea are doing fine right now, just could be doing better. Tomorrow's matches will be incredible!