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Man City is no place for youngsters, moans Boyata


"'They don’t look at their own youth and talent, so it’s virtually impossible for a youth player to make it into the first team now' says defender."

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buddymagoo3721d ago

They don't know how too bring players through, they expect them to be instant stars and would prefer to buy them ready made. Why they are spending millions on their new academy is just strange. Poor Micah Richards City's best academy player in the past 20 years has been left out in the cold and he is better than that and should leave for 1st team football.

AcceptedWalnut3720d ago

Yeh, i'm envious seeing great talents like Rooney, RVP, De Gea and the likes coming off the production line at carrington.

Bloody city buying pre-made talent, it will never work.

buddymagoo3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

How about Welbeck, Evans, Fletcher, Cleverly, Giggs, Scholes.

Not to mention all the excellent academy players currently plying their trades at other clubs in the premier league like O'Shea, Brown, Simpson Shawcross, Campbell, Bardsley, Richardson, Spector, Phil Neville.

And our most successful period was when we won the treble with a base of academy players Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Butt, G Neville, P Neville, Brown. Something which will never be done again by an English club.

Not a bad academy, don't you think?

AcceptedWalnut3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I never said your academy was bad but you're giving off the impression city never bring through talent when we do. Lately though the club has needed a period of acceleration which has meant our strategy has changed leaving academy players with little chance whilst we've built an established team to push forward.

I think the acceleration will slow down now and with the work starting on our new academy complex we'll be looking to dip into the youth team in the not too distant future.

We also have a lot of good academy players playing elsewhere like SWP, Onouha, Barton (debatable) Stevie Ireland, Sturridge and so on.

Anderson83720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

actually stephen ireland was at uniteds academy first.. city have a few who have come thru but none of which play for your team,youre going to fall into the real madrid mould of never allowing your academy players to break thru

AcceptedWalnut3720d ago

You could say that with anyone though Anderson. Giggs was at City before Utd, Cleverley starting at Bradford and so on.

Whats your point?

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b163o13720d ago

LMAO! What a surprise a Utd player commenting on a ManCity article. :) We're spending millions on academy so we can bringing our young talent up into 1st team positions. It's gonna happen sooner then you may think, we have a young talent by the name of Denis Suarez that could be making the leap if not this season, next season. We're thinking big over here, get use to it


buddymagoo3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

That's funny because I've seen you in a few United articles. I will admit Suarez looks like a fantastic talent whenever I've seen him against our academy same with the defender Wabara. I juts think it's a shame more don't get brought through.

I mean who is a player that has been brought through this or last year? You see Arsenal do it with Gibbs, Wiltshire and The Ox, Chelsea trying with McEachran and Bertrand United with Wellbeck and Cleverly and this all means more players for England which is what is needed for English football.

Energy-HL3720d ago

@Buddymagoo, The Ox (Oxo-cube we called him) Came from Southampton's youth team :)