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Highlights: Liverpool 1-2 Manchester United (English Premier League - 23/09/2012)

(1-0) Gerrard 46'

(1-1) Rafael 51'

(1-2) Van Persie (Pen) 81

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karim3838d ago

Awful performance by the referee...Think Liverpool played pretty good with 10 men.

asmith23063838d ago

Yeah I agree. I feel sorry for Liverpool, they controlled the majority of the game even with 10 men. As much as I don't like Shelvey, it was a 50/50 tackle and both players were in the air. Not a red for me. Valencia went down easy too. Considering Suarez didn't get a penalty up the other end its harsh. I think he's cried wolf once too many times :) Liverpool need another striker big time.

karim3838d ago

Valencia dived, no way in hell that was a penalty, Glen Johnson just touched him, slightest contact.

buddymagoo3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

3 points, lovely! It always feel best when we didn't deserve it.

Valencia's penalty was a penalty just as Suarez should have been but his reputation went before him.

Just happy to see a penalty go in. I don't understand why we are not playing Cleverly and Anderson they were fantastic this time last season.

NewMonday3838d ago

lets play like this for at least 5 games and things will look lovely

no point in blaming the referee if we sleepwalk in our next game, i will judge the team on the results of games vs the Wigans and West Hams, they will give 3 points same as this game

And at least 3 hard fixtures are behind us now

Yi-Long3838d ago

Red card was out of proportion, and it was never a penalty.

And IF it WAS a penalty, then I think it was Suarez who whould have got one at the other side as well, cause he was touched at least as much.

The players showed up for nothing today. This was all about the ref.

What a shame.

And I'm not even a Liverpool fan. I just hate it when matches get decided by a poor referee, which is far too often.

buddymagoo3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It's funny because Mark Lawrenson ( biggest Liverpool fanboy and ex Liverpool player) said on Match of the Day that he thought the ref had a "10 out of 10" game.

And Colin Murry (another Liverpool fanboy) agreed!

mcstorm3837d ago

You cant put all the blame on the ref. It was a pen for united and they managed to convert it. Suarez should of had a pen but look at the replay and look at how ott he is with his head and because he is known for going down easy the ref thought he was diving again.

As for the red card you could see the ref did not want to send the player off but he had no choice because he was off his feet and caught the player. If Evans had cought the player too he would of beem sent off but he got the ball.

Liverpool fans should be blaming there players or manager as it was in front of goal they lost the game. United had 2 chances and finsihed both of them liverpool had 7 and only finished 1 this is the difference between united and liverpool up front at the moment.

Liverpool should of won the game but out playing or passing another team is not what wins you the game scoring more goals than the other team is what wins you games so stop blaming the ref every time your team dose not win a game and blame the players (thats not aimed at Liverpool fans direct thats aimed at all football fans)

badz1493837d ago

if it's not for all his acting antics earlier in the game and I think the ref got tired of it altogether! that's what you get for always diving and asking for penalty and foul every 3 minutes!

Valencia is not a diving type and that was a minor touch but he went down convincingly and if not for the replay, it's very believable!

still WTF is United doing? going down 0-1 while against 10 men and never really have the game in control! it was pretty much 1 way traffic and even against 10, United conceded! and RVP's PK almost made me had a heart attack seeing Reina got his hands on the ball! it's lucky that it went in! United seriously need to train to take penalties!

NewMonday3837d ago

the team played as far as their quality could take them, if we had world class attackers and sharper fullbacks things would have been different.

we must ply consistently like this now

Gamer19823837d ago

Mark Lawrenson has been the bigges UTD fanboy for years now and has showed his true colour over the years and even said UTD was going to win the season all last season. And constantly ripped City and Balotelli. As for the Reg he had an AWFUL game Evans should have been sent off too for that tackle both were at fault and it was a clear dive by Valencia. Thats 2 dives in 2 weeks by UTD now and 2 penaltys for it!. They are turning into a cheating team to get points. Guess thats the only way they can beat City, Arsenal and Chelsea now. As if they couldn't why do it?

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Nes_Daze3838d ago

Liverpool played a better first half imo, but I knew somehow United would win especially after the red card. Not a very exciting game at all.

Gamer19823837d ago

Liverpool played better all 90 minutes even with 10 men but uniteds cheating ways and a bent ref came out to play as usual.

Infernostew3838d ago

Ref was real poor throughout the match. I'm glad we got the 3 points but liverpool really should feel hard done since they really should've earned at least a draw... probably more than that. We really were outplayed the entire first half and even an even portion of the second half with an extra man on the pitch.

buddymagoo3838d ago

Our players just didn't look at it today. Poor performance but happy we got the result.

jak3y13oy3838d ago

Liverpool dominated the majority of the game, its not been a good start to the season for them, and they were very unlucky!

KonohagakureFC3838d ago

And they chose that ref because they thought he was good... Smh

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