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Highlights: Manchester City 1-1 Arsenal (English Premier League - 23/09/12)

1-0 J. Lescott 40'
1-1 L. Koscielny 82'

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jak3y13oy3724d ago

Quality game! what a goal by Koscielny!!!

goku323593724d ago

Arsenal played the best football for a majority of the game, so I'm happy they at least got a point out of it.

b163o13724d ago

Our defense is horrible, I know it's early in the season but we have a lot to Improve on, on defense. One point is better than no points though

crazyturkey3724d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

In the first half I felt Arsenal could have gotten ahead, but It wasn't to be I supposed. Great performance by Arsenal and now we wait for Chelsea at the Emirates.
As for City they really don't look like retaining their title and today IMO their worst players was Silva.

buddymagoo3723d ago

I didn't think I could find another player that frustrates me more than Nani but wow! Gervinho is a great player that doesn't know how to pass, so frustrating.

Arsenal played well today and deserved the win.

asmith23063723d ago

Completely agree. Gervinho frustrates the hell out of me. It looks like he just gets too excited or something when an opportunity opens up. And as for Jeff Shreeves (I think), I'm starting to wonder how much he gets paid to say how wonderful and brilliant, and how every game is an advert for the PL as the best league in the world. You would swear late goals only happen in the PL!

GanjaMan3723d ago

naaa mate thats neil quinn hes got a weird accent and hes just a try hard, hes annoying as fuck! Why he gets to commentate with the great martin taylor is just stupidity. Neil quinn is the worst commentator i have ever listened to, i sometimes even just mute the prick and just watch in silence than listen to an ugly mug like him again. seriously he pisses me off more than it should, i swear if i saw him down the street i would contemplate slicing his tongue off so we dont have to listen to his cliche lines again. (i swear he just reads from a notebook cause hes too mentally challenged to think for himself)

buddymagoo3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

You know what annoys me about the whole Sky commentators situation. Niall Quinn always commentates on City and Alan Smith always commentates on Arsenal and both alternate on Man United. Whereas Gary Neville does both City and Arsenal but never once has he commentated on Man United. What's that all about?

I hate Niall Quinn and Alan Smith is alright but clearly biased, whereas Gary Neville tells it how it is with no bias.

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The story is too old to be commented.