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England defender John Terry retires from international football

Chelsea captain John Terry has retired from internation football with England, with immediate effect, stating that the FA have made his position in the team "untenable".

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karim3532d ago

The FA are a complete disgrace, the fact that on the finest defenders in the world has been forced to retire is beyond belief

Yi-Long3531d ago

... but not for the reason you just mentioned.

They're a disgrace for lifting the decision for any potential punishment over the summer tournament, while they should have given him his ban right away.

If they're gonna ban Suarez for 7 matches for 'racism' when he used the term 'negrido' against Evra, it would be stunning if Terry gets less than a 7 match ban for calling Ferdinand a Fu&*&^% Black Cu&%.

So when it's that clear, then it never should have taken this long to finally reach a decision on the whole matter.

Gamer19823528d ago

one of the finest defenders in the world? He's not even one of the best in the PL any more. In his day he was in the top 10 at best. He was never world class just like nearly every other English football in the last 10 years or so. I live in England have done all my life (live in Manchester) and always see how hyped English players get because there english. Teams suffer for it too. Look at Liverpool and Henderson, Carroll and co. They got ripped as they were English.

Dark113532d ago

makes no difference... they won't win anything anyway.

Anderson83532d ago

couldnt care less... england will be better without him he's been past it for atleast 3 years.. a gd servant to england tho

Gamer19823528d ago

A good servant to an average England team maybe but there has been a lot better. Your right though England would be better off without him it gives a new and upcoming player a shot.