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Evra: It was all about respect


Patrice Evra has confirmed there was never a chance he would not shake Luis Suarez's hand at Anfield.

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Yi-Long3532d ago

... so not sure why he's now claiming Suarez refused his handshake.

And TBH, if I was Suarez, I wouldn't want to shake this guy's hand either. Playing the racism card over the term 'negrido', getting someone banned. It's just horrible behaviour.

buddymagoo3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

B*llsh*t! Evra offered his hand and Suarez walking right past him the racist diving cheat.

Suarez admitted saying it and I doubt he was being friendly in one of the most fierce derby's in world football, so can we move on.

Discriminating by race is wrong! There is only one race, the human race (science fact!)

Sahil3532d ago Show
Anderson83532d ago

buddymagoo is right suarez already admitted it was him that didnt shake his hand so i dunno what youre on about