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Gerrard: Suarez being victimised


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard believes Luis Suarez is being victimised by referees when the striker is seen going down in the penalty area.

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Thefreeman0123525d ago

, Suarez is a diver plane and simple. Ther was no victimization during the man united game or any other match for that fact. He goes down way to often way to easy. It seems Liverpool are blaming everyone but there selves for the mess they are in.

Valencia may have gone down due to his own hesitation in the box but there was no doubt that Johnson came from behind and pushed him down after he got beat . Get over it Liverpool

Gamer19823525d ago

He does dive and thats why hes not going to help his cause.

Diffraction_Fos3524d ago

So, according to your logic, Valencia went down with negligible contact, but it's not a dive? Whereas, Suarez had definite contact(even Gary Neville agreed) but he dived? Are you a member of the FA council?

mmj3524d ago

I thought Gary Neville got it spot on in his post-match commentary, it was a penalty (there was contact) but Suarez exaggerated it by throwing his head backwards in an un-natural manner which made it look like a dive, if he had just gone down normally without any of the "shot by a sniper" dramatics a penalty might well have been given.

mmj3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

To add diving in football has become a skill in itself whereby the best players win fouls/penalties by making dives look like legitimate fouls, Suarez on the other hand tends to do opposite and makes legitimate fouls look like dives by exaggerrating them.