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Suso: I rejected Real Madrid move for Liverpool's revolution


Liverpool starlet Suso has revealed how he turned down a big money move to Real Madrid in order to become a Kop hero.

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NewMonday3523d ago

the boy should ahead of Downing

3523d ago
krazykombatant3523d ago

Guess he wants to make his mark in Liverpool good for him, that is if liverpool doesn't get relegated.

freeduck3523d ago

This kid will be a star. In the games I've seen him in so far, he's just absolutely confident and he makes very intelligent passes.
I bet this season a lot of Academy players will be making their mark in the first team

Gamer19823523d ago

2 things I take from this. He seriously turned down RM at a young age for Liverpool? Nobody does that. If they were winning stuff fair enough but when he signed it was at the end of Rafas career so I highly doubt it unless money was a big issue here which is what i'm thinking. Which leads me onto my second point. Rafa signed him and he does look good and if he comes good for Liverpool it will show yet again Liverpool were wrong to ditch him as they have done nothing but go downhill since sacking him.

freeduck3522d ago

Maybe Suso realized then that he would have little chance breaking into Madrid's first team as we both know Madrid likes to spend millions on top players instead of bringing from their own academy.
Rafa transformed the academy completely by bringing in two ex-Barca youth coaches and invested a lot into it, and so Suso thought it was a good opportunity to join in as Rafa loves technical Spanish players.
A lot of what we are seeing in the past few weeks with the influx of young talent from the LFC academy has a lot to do with Rafa, so were LFC wrong to sack him? Yep, because the old LFC board were run by idiots. But Rodgers is doing a fine job so I'm glad he is here

Gamer19823521d ago

He may have stayed to get game time but you think he was thinking that 2-3 years ago? As he wasn't gonna play for 2 years, and yeah LFC board went from 1 bunch of plonkers to another. I think Americans should be banned from buying football clubs..