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Highlights: Manchester United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League - 29/09/12)

0-1 J. Vertonghen 2'
0-2 G. Bale 32'
1-2 Nani 51'
1-3 C. Dempsey 52'
2-3 S. Kagawa 53'

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buddymagoo3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Spurs celebrating like they have just won the league. I guess that's what beating Man Utd means to some teams.

Absolutely abysmal performance in the first half and an incredible performance in the second and we deserved at least a draw and that's not even mentioning the penalties.

asmith23063521d ago

Typical Utd supporters response. You just can't take a fair beating. How long is it since they won at Old Trafford? I think they deserve to celebrate a bit. The cracks showed last week at Anfield even if Utd won. They aren't looking good. Oh, and you got your penalty against Liverpool last week.

buddymagoo3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Typical United hater can't concede that United should have got the result in the second half after hitting the bar 3 times and could have got at least one penalty. We had 80% possession in the second half, that says it all!

asmith23063521d ago

@buddymagoo, I never said I was a Utd hater. i'm not. Difference is I don't get butt hurt when my team loses.

buddymagoo3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Hold on!? You don't get butthurt when your team loses? does it happen that often that your butt has become immune? I must just be more passionate about my club.

Of course I'm butt hurt we played really well second half and deserved at least a draw is all I'm saying. You must have either not been watching the game or be blind to not admit United deserved more out of the game.

MaximusPrime3521d ago

United fans are upset about the result, feel 3-2 to complain to your manager about picking the wrong referee this week.

Diffraction_Fos3520d ago

@buddymagoo -

Don't worry. I'm sure your Chairman, David Gill(unsurprisingly also a member of the FA board) will make sure Howard Webb(the best signing Fergie ever made) officiates your next game.

Ben Dover3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Wow buddy.. just wow. Can't you give the opposing side credit for ONCE? You really are a terrible biased supporter. Yea maybe United didn't get what they deserved but hey.. thats football. Just like how Liverpool didn't get what they deserved last week when they were down to 10 men for half the match, yet gave United a good challenge.

GTFO of this site.

No really.. GTFO!

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Corepred43521d ago

Come on, man. You've been cool for a while but right now you come off as an ass. It was a great game and yeah they were celebrating because they haven't beaten you since what 1989. Get off your high horse, it's not because of who you are, any team with a losing record that long against another team would celebrate like that for a win. You really gotta ease up, I know you're a big United supported but seriously. Who cares how many bars you hit and how much possession you had. You lost. They put 3 in the net, you put 2. No penalties?! Wahh get over it. This was an excellent game for both teams. Get off your knees for united, take the loss with your head held high.

freeduck3521d ago

Why can't you take the idea that Utd are overrated? They really aren't that good.

freeduck3521d ago

What's there to laugh about? This season they have been awful even with big spending transfers. Last week they won even though they were horrendous and had all the ref decisions, I'm glad Spurs won as now hopefully Utd fans will begin to think that maybe they shouldn't be so arrogant.

Gamer19823521d ago

They are over-rated they do so well through shoddy refereeing and opposition having a mindset thinking they are better than they really are. Its like if you think you are playing the best in the world you are a lot more cautious and dont do certain things thats what teams do against united they give them too much room. But look what happens when teams actually attack united? They get goals. City exposed this last season scoring over 10 against them in total over the season.

ad4mb3520d ago

Haha loving how everyone is calling buddy butthurt, arrogant or wtv, yet there's this guy still sulking about last game.

and gamer you are hilarious... city have hardly been great defensively so far this season and any other team with the injuries we have had there would have crumbled...

Computersaysno3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

City are overrated, winning the title on goal difference in a weak league against the poorest Manchester United side in many years ravaged by a lot of injuries.

City are massively overrated.

This Man united team is not vintage right now. But I believe it will improve a lot in the next year or so compared to where it was a year ago.

City won't improve now, they bought average players that do not improve the first team in the summer and look like they have peaked already. I doubt they will win the title this year, Chelsea or United will and Madrid showed they will get nowhere in Europe against decent teams. No hope of getting very far in the knockout stages.

Mourinho's Chelsea were plainly a much better side than this City side, and they didn't cost as much to assemble. City don't even have the best premier league side put together with a blank cheque!

Man Utd have won games playing poorly this season and they should have gotten something from the spurs game but it wasnt to be. Man Utd rarely start that brilliantly. This can be a kick up the arse for them now which they have always responded to.

The last time they lost 2 from the first 6 games was ten years ago, 2002-03 and 20 years ago, 1992-93.

They finished both seasons as champions.

Looks like the stars are already lining up for another Man Utd title this season! Title 20 in the 20th year since the first premier league champions?

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krazykombatant3521d ago

stop being a child buddymagoo and take your beating. They haven't won at Old Trafford since 1989, so I think its fair, considering how ManU were bringing on the pressure last 20 mins, I think the celebration was deserved.

PaPa-Slam3519d ago

Wow, things really got out of hands in here.

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no_more_heroes3521d ago

Ugh, great, now even Tottenham is above us...

imtiyaz63521d ago

I admit this was probably the first time I wanted Man utd to win. Spur's defense was in shambles in the 2nd half. Utd should have done better with their finishing. Scholes was brilliant as usual

Anderson83521d ago

great spectacle but that first half performance was terrible from us.. even so i think we atleast deserved a point given how much we dominated the 2nd..
scoles made nearly 200 passes with 91% success rate.. why did he ever retire, and how will we ever replace him?
spurs are looking dangerous now after a shaky start and fergie needs to sort out how we play and his selection, starting giggs was ridiculous and even tho he scored nani was poor all game.

zeddy3521d ago

ye the last few games giggs hasnt contributed at all, maybe its finally time for him to hang his boots up. i was suprised at giggs starting too, was expecting welbeck to play on the left.

theEx1Le3520d ago

Young player is inconsistent, he is out of form. Old player is inconsistent, time to retire. Excellent attitude, especially they way giggs has served Utd over the years

Prophet1123520d ago

Completely agree, Welbeck would of offered much more energy and defensive support than Giggs.

Don't know why Gigg's was chosen to play left wing, He hasn't been a winger for the last 3-4 seasons, he prefers Kagawa's position behind the striker, so why play both.
Gigg's was just wandering around for 90% of the first half. Welbeck or Cleverly would of provided us more Defensive and offensive options with more pace and strength than Gigg's.

chukamachine3520d ago

Giggs should have hung up his boots when he got caught banging his brother wife. Scum through and through.

Glad utd were beat, hahahahahahhahahahhaha.

I hope they get beat in many others and well and finish outside of the top 3, would be funny.

Spurs,liverpool won't be challenging for anything for quite some time.

PaPa-Slam3519d ago

Same here. it was awesome.

MaximusPrime3521d ago

well done spurs.

Bale's goal was a great one.

Glad Fergie Time failed to turn things round.

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