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Di Matteo: Everybody Makes Mistakes

Roberto Di Matteo insists everyone deserves a second chance after John Terry was found guilty of using racist language towards Anton Ferdinand.

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karim3517d ago

John may have said racist words during the heat of the moment but there's no way in hell that man is a racist.

goku323593517d ago

Exactly. There's a difference between saying something stupid in the heat of the moment and actually being racist.

silvacrest3517d ago

i think even the trolls know this

karim3516d ago

Believe it or not @silvacrest, to many idiots think if someone did something stupid once or twice in his life, he's forever stupid (metaphor)

Kopite_20203516d ago

Agreed, unfortunately the amount of abuse Suarez gets hurled at him for allegedly saying a colloquial Spanish word deemed to be racist by the linguistically gifted FA proves the fans will believe what's convenient. Give them a moral pedestal and most wankers will spout bollocks atop it.

Diffraction_Fos3516d ago

Was that what you said for Luis Suarez as well? Because I highly doubt the majority of the people defending Terry now were also defending Suarez.

The hypocrisy with the English media and the FA is unbelievable. Suarez got an 8 match ban and a fine, got blasted by every single media in England. For the same "crime", Terry's only given half of the punishment and even that is "too harsh" according to some of the English papers? They're a bunch of hypocritical scumbags.

karim3516d ago

Most English Papers and Journos hate John Terry, the only journo that I think that actually likes JT is Martin Samuel. On Saturday, he gave his boots to a young Chels fan, a Mirror writer SLAMMED him for this (obviously outrageous) act. The thing is the Media is the worst, especially the english media.

Kopite_20203516d ago

Too true, the FA are antonymous with consistency.

PaPa-Slam3516d ago

Everyone makes mistakes....Correct. But a racist does not deserve a second chance.

pompombrum3516d ago

How many chances does this guy need? He already got caught sleeping with his team mate's wife. He deserves to be hung out to dry imho.

Kos-Mos3516d ago

"Pride of england" "You can take our lives, but not our freedom"

BelieveinGhosts3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Is Terry racist? Probably not but most of the country wants to crucify him........too bad he is English or else he could have relocated to Spain, Germany or Italy but he couldnt adapt to a different culture to save his life

krazykombatant3516d ago

most of my English friends say he's scum. So you're not far off.

Kopite_20203516d ago

He could adapt, BACON SANDWICH PLEASE (said slowly and loudly)

pompombrum3516d ago

He'd fit in terribly in Spain. I hear it's very common for them there to joke about each other's families.. the awkward moment they joke about another player's pregnant wife giving birth to a kid that looked like JT.

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