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Giroud cannot continue like this


Before any of you Olivier Giroud fans dismiss this article as yet another bashing, please be assured this is nothing of that sort. I just feel that a lot of people are like me, getting very frustrated with the player. Our patience while aplenty is not limitless and the amount of leeway that the fans are giving the guy will have to come to a stop somewhere.

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no_more_heroes3554d ago

He is very frustrating. His general play isn't terrible, but we didn't bring him in for that. We brought him in to score goals, which he hasn't done. Judged purely on that, he hasn't been good so far (keywords: so far).

Yi-Long3552d ago

.... sadly for him, he seems to go through it right when he's starting at a new club.

The good news is ofcourse that you do see him getting in those right positions, and it wouldn't surprise me if he'll be slotting them away pretty soon.

The real question we should ask: Was Bendtner worse than this guy!? And personally, I think Bendtner was a good enough player to deserve his shot as the main striker in the Arsenal squad, so I'm disappointed he never got his chance and is now somewhere else.

Arsenal should have bought Huntelaar though. He's pure class and a natural goal-scorer, everywhere he goes.

shadowraiden3552d ago

haha bendtner given the chance he had plenty and ruined every single one and couldnt even cut it at sunderland(fletcher has already outscored what bedtner scored all of last season)

tbh i think its all harsh on Giroud and some of the blame can be on Wenger he seems to struggle with helping very good strikers from other leagues adapt to premiership the only way is if they are able to do it themselves.

Giroud is just in a lack of form he was a good goal scorer for past couple of seasons and i belive he should have been played in a few of the arsenal games earlier in the season when arsenal scored 5+ goals in order to help him get a few under his belt.

and while i love huntelaar proberly more then you do he wasnt a natural goal scorer everywhere he was very similar to how giroud is at the moment during his times at real madrid and ac milan its only when hes been made the main striker for a good season that hes become the goal machine for his club.

Yi-Long3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

... remember how Bergkamp began at Arsenal!?

@ShadowRaiden: Huntelaar scored everywhere he went, but obviously he has to played as a striker, not as a winger.

At Madrid he hardly got a fair chance, yet he was their most prolific scorer when looking at the goals per minute ratio.

I can't judge his time at Milan, but he was hardly used as a striker.

He would have been tremendous for Arsenal.

GanjaMan3552d ago

yh hes shit, he should of buried that goal in the last min against chelski but he did a torres!! on the other hand podolski looks pure class and dont get me started on cazorla