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Koeman: Messi already has three Ballons d'Or, give Ronaldo one

The Barcelona legend believes that is it high time the prestigious award went to someone other than the Argentine, and considers the Portuguese to be worthy of the accolade

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Yi-Long3714d ago

... not to the 2nd best player, because the best player already got so many.

This isn't a petty price.

If Ronaldo wants a Ballon d'Or, he will have to be better than Messi. He's a great player, everyone agrees on that.

KingPin3714d ago

Ballons d'Or should be given to the best player....
... not to the 2nd best player, because the best player already got so many.

so how do you explain iniesta getting one after Ronaldo and Messi had the best season of their careers.

Ronaldo wont see a ballon D'or award because we all know now that Ballon D'or = Barcelona Best player award.

FACT!! dont even bother trying to defend the iniesta decision. every true football fan knows Iniesta didn't deserve it this year. maybe in 2010/2011 yes, but not 2011/2012.

Yi-Long3713d ago

... I didn't make that decision, and it wouldn't have been my choice.

When I say it should go to the best player, that my opinion on how it should be. Nothing more.

If those responsible make different decisions, for whatever reason, that's not something I have to explain or to defend.

buddymagoo3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

People forget Ronaldo has one form his time at Manchester United in 2008.

Diffraction_Fos3713d ago

The lack of true world class players for this generation is clearly showing through.