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Man United Line Up £25m January Bid for Unhappy Real Madrid Playmaker Mesut Ozil

Man United are reportedly readying a big money move to sign Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil as Sir Alex Ferguson continues his search to add creativity to his midfield.

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jak3y13oy3714d ago

Kagawa and Ozil... that would be awesome!

krazykombatant3714d ago

Damn it why are we still letting get on this site, its garbage, all of their stories are shit and just a bunch of bullshit. Seriously, stop approving it. This isn't n4g where there is too many people to have some sort of quality control.

ProjectVulcan3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

It is often nonsense. But then most transfer rumours are!

In this case it is somewhat believable. Ozil is unhappy, Madrid have a great deal of midfield competition of a high standard. United were known to have been interested in buying Ozil 2 years ago, but Madrid made the strongest move for their rebuilding.

I doubt very much United are going to make a strong move unless there are signs he would want to move. Big transfers to United often only come when the player himself indicates he wants it. Much like Van Persie.

asmith23063714d ago

They could certainly do with him. If it wasn't for Van Persie, Utd would be having a woeful season in my opinion. He is pure class.

PaPa-Slam3713d ago

Mesut Ozil is easily one of my favorite player of current times, seeing him at my Favorite club would be nothing short of amazing.

Hope this is much more than a Rumor.