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5 Reasons Ronaldinho Should Be a Part of Brazil's 2014 World Cup Squad

BR - With less than two years separating us from the 2014 World Cup, only one nation has booked its place in the tournament: the hosts and five-time champions, Brazil.

Outside of the obvious favorite, defending-champions Spain, Brazil has to be one of the more fancied sides. They have a young and talented group of budding superstars, and given their history and home-field advantage, they are a bit more than a dark-horse candidate.

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PaPa-Slam3122d ago

Judging by the current state of Brazil Team, i'd say they need him more than ever. But i doubt they'll call him back.

Corepred43122d ago

Why the hell did they leave him off in the first place? Do they really think that he has nothing left to bring for Brazil?

PaPa-Slam3121d ago

You tell me. as i am myself still confused because of his absence from the team.