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Liverpool FC: 10 Reasons Why Raheem Sterling Can Be the Reds' Next Big Star

BR - Raheem Sterling has been nothing short of scintillating in the past two months. He looked impressive in Liverpool's North American tour in the preseason, but no one thought he was quite up to the task of starting in the Premier League.

The youngster made his first EPL start against Manchester City in the second game of the season. It became apparent all too quickly that he was indeed the man for the job, and play like a man he did.

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Yi-Long3714d ago

... I love creative wingers with both speed and ability, as they're normally so rare (although lately there seems to be an increase somewhat), and this guy is still so young, yet so composed, so fast, and a keen eye for space and collegues. He's tremendous. Good pass as well.

karim3713d ago

He has been performing admirable this season, with the right attitude, he'll make it

freeduck3713d ago

I think he will be a big player in a few years. He just needs to be developed properly so he's not burned out by the age of 22. Luckily Rodgers is the man who knows how to manage him.

Diffraction_Fos3713d ago

I just hope he's not being overused. I don't want him suffering the same burnout that so many talented youngsters do.