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FC Barcelona: Should Carles Puyol Retire?

BR - FC Barcelona’s 2-0 victory over Benfica in their UEFA Champions League match was overshadowed by the horrific injury to Carles Puyol in the 75th minute.

Tito Vilanova’s men were up 2-0 thanks to Alexis Sanchez who slotted in a Lionel Messi cross inside the box in the fifth minute. Cesc Fabregas doubled the lead in the 55th minute via a great assist from Messi who set up Cesc on the left side of the box to put it past Benfica goalkeeper Artur.

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PaPa-Slam3706d ago

He is great but i think Barca would still be fine without him, they'll be good in El Classico.

karim3706d ago

He's too good, think there's still a few years in him

PaPa-Slam3706d ago

Exactly, he's as fit extremely fit for his age and can squeeze out a couple of great years.

Corepred43706d ago

No! Don't retire yet Puyol. I want you in the back lately so Benzema and Ronaldo can outpace you and score!!! lmao

That was the Madrid fan in me but in reality I like him. He's a great defender, although slowing as of lately, he has the height to get rid of danger in the air and just overall a good leader.

krazykombatant3705d ago

This dude is what makes the Barca defence have its bite. He is basically barcas lucky charm, they have all most always won when he is playing. He keeps the players lined up and basically a great cap.