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Corruption and Influence Peddling in the English Game

Nadim B Writes: After I wrote my last piece, on Manchester United’s relationship with the FA, I was taken aback by the response I had.The post has gotten around 30,000 hits in the last 48 hours alone. I suggest to people who haven’t read it to jump to that post now as it gives a lot of background on what we will look at in this article.

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karim3514d ago

Great article! Some amazing facts and information, amazing what *could* be happening behind the scenes of English Football

buddymagoo3514d ago

Sounds like bitter conjecture to me. Read the comments below the article and they have counter arguments to disprove his "facts".

PaPa-Slam3514d ago

Hasn't it always been corrupt, maybe a little more now then before. But corruption has always been a Part of it. SADLY

Thefreeman0123514d ago

Last year there were some stats that had shown who got the short end of the straw and who got the better deal. This just just last years season. It showed that Manchester City had got the most penalties awarded and that United had gotten the least amount of penalties awarded. i don't remember who made the data but i found it on this site. anyways what i am trying to say is this seems to be more about united bashing and they got shafted their fair share last season as well.

Diffraction_Fos3514d ago

Then your info is wrong. Last season, United had 11 penalties. Hardly "the least amount".