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Highlights: Manchester City 1-1 Borussia Dortmund (UEFA Champions League Group D - 03/10/12)

0-1 M. Reus 61'
1-1 M. Balotelli 90'(pen)

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b163o13514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Smh, at lease we got a point...
J.Rodwell is awful, I don't even understand why we even got him

buddymagoo3514d ago

Battered at home and relied on a dubious penalty!

Dortmund were class!

asmith23063514d ago

If utd won that penalty you would have been crying penalty all day, give me a break! I do agree though, Dortmund outclassed them, all match.

buddymagoo3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

That's not the point, the point is did you think it was a penalty? And yes I probably would have said it was a penalty if it was my club because I am bias towards my own club.

Still Man City have not had a clean sheet in all competitions and I can't see them getting out of the group now or winning the league with such a poor defence.

chukamachine3514d ago

You should be glad they were playing city and not utd.

UTD would have been battered.

Gamer19823513d ago

Indeed and City were unlucky really as Dortmunds only goal came from a mistake the defence was bang on all night. Citys tactics were bang on although dangerous all night.

goku323593514d ago

Man City don't deserve a draw. Dortmund were cutting through them like butter. If it wasn't for Joe Hart Dortmund would have won for sure.

asmith23063514d ago

Agreed. A draw for Joe Hart is justified. For the team as a whole though I am not so sure. Hart was great tonight.

Gamer19823513d ago

It was Mancinis tactics he let Dortmund boss City about as Dortmund like to bring all players upfield. They tried to pass over the players to Dzeko at the front and it worked great for the first 20 minutes and onlmost got City a couple of early goals until Dortmund realised what City were doing, closed up the gap and stopped it. So instead of changing things up straight away Mancini as usual kept things going and then game offside after offside.

Mancini was completely to blame for the draw. City was the better team for first 10 minutes and last 10 when they finally switched tactics and stopped trying to lob it over Dortmund.

To be fair though Mancinis tactics DID work and the only goal scored against City was a mistake from a bad back pass. that lead to a goal.

PaPa-Slam3514d ago

Disappointed, well i am always disappointed with a Draw. But this was a great game to watch.

But this was Dortmund's game all the way through, i'd say City were luck that they went home with a Draw and a point.

no_more_heroes3514d ago

Can someone explain the handball rule to me again? I thought I understood it, but clearly not.

HOW is that a handball? Just HOW?

BryanBegins3514d ago

Yeah I'm with you. I really wish they would start being consistent when applying the rule and deciding what is an "intentional handball".

Remember last Euro? The rule (or applicaiton of it) clearly changed between the first 2 weeks and the rest of the tournament.

By the way, if you want to see a worse example than today, youtube the semi-finale of the Olympics for women between Canada and the States, you'll see a handball called against a Canadian player that will make you cry!

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The story is too old to be commented.