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American style time-outs would improve football, says Mourinho

The Real Madrid boss believes having mini-intervals during play would offer coaches more freedom to influence matches, and revealed the secrets behind his half-time team-talks

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karim3511d ago

They certainly would help coaches instruct their players more easily/efficiently

PaPa-Slam3510d ago

It's a bad idea, it will slow down the Action of the game and it'll be just as boring as the 'American Football', where there is like 5 seconds of Gameplay in 1 minute.

krazykombatant3510d ago

Not necessarily it could b made that the team has to give up a substitution. Wouldn't make a difference from the regular time wasting chunks we get from diving.

KingPin3510d ago

not thank you. i dont need the game being stopped more often than it already is.

but what i would like to see is a rugby style clock.
when the ball is out of play, the clock stops. that way they play the exact time. impossible to time waste. not only that, but clubs wont get too much or too lil extra time.

Nes_Daze3510d ago

I actually don't like "American style" time-outs, they're annoying,they're called COMMERCIALS, which is why I don't get people who say football is boring yet they watch American football. Just because you get to see some guy tackled to the point of brain damage makes it more enjoyable? Pshh, please.

PaPa-Slam3510d ago

I am against it. it's a bad idea.

ScytheX33510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

ridiculous, a recent article i read did some research on how many minutes of playing time a full game of american football and they said a GREAT percentage (cant remember what exactly) was commercials, then focusing on players just standing around waiting for play to resume, coaches, fans, cheerleaders, and only 12 or 15 minutes of actual playing time........ LOL thats pretty pathetic and due i think partially ofcourse to that whole time out thing. I remember ppl were talking about integrating the "dispute a call" thing into our football and glad that didnt actually start, would be ridiculous coaches would be disputing all sorts of calls.