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Cole brands the FA a 'bunch of t----' in Twitter rant after written reasons for Terry ban revealed

Ashley Cole has labelled the Football Association a 'bunch of t----' in a furious tweet after doubt was cast on his statement supporting John Terry in his appeal against a four-match ban for racially insulting Anton Ferdinand.

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karim3646d ago

They accused him of perjury, what did they expect? Ash, what a legend!

buddymagoo3646d ago

Ashley Cole thought he heard The FA say that to him & he was simply repeating the insult for the sake of clarity.

dcortz20273646d ago

Well done Cole, well done!

Blackdeath_6633646d ago

indeed, why am i not surprised. when i read the tweet i died a little inside. cole has about as much intellect as my fat toe.

PaPa-Slam3646d ago

Yes, i say it's too much already. there needs to be some king of Code of Conduct on Footballers who use twitter.

caseh3646d ago

David Cameron's take on Twitter:

And this coming from someone who most people consider to be a twat. I actually agree with him though.

PaPa-Slam3646d ago

Damn the video is not available anymore.

caseh3646d ago

Mmmm should be ok, just watched it again when I saw your post. Just google 'David Camerons take on Twitter' and you'll find it.

In a nutshell 'Too many tweets make you a twat'

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