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Chelsea must strip Terry of captaincy & throw book at Cole to rebuild battered reputation

The Champions League winners have seen their reputation dragged through the mud and are in danger of facing further ridicule if they don't make a stand against the maligned duo

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krazykombatant3511d ago

Whilst I think that John Terry is scum and Ashly Cole, is no better. I applaud Cole for standing up for his teammate at the club and national level. Stripping Terry of the Captaincy at Chelsea would cause turmoil to Di Matteo and the rest of the squad. It's obvious that when these two and the "old guys" at chelsea aren't happy they can make life very difficult for the managers. Either way I don't think it'll happen.

Corepred43511d ago

This article is retarded. I thought when you're a team, it's you against them. Did he mess up, yes. So what? He's your captain, he's on your team... back him the whole way. screw what everyone else is crying about.

Kopite_20203511d ago

Based on an incompetent and inconsistent FA finding? I'd rather trust a proper legal outcome even though they are both shady characters what right (and more importantly what evidence) has the author of this article got to make such a ridiculous statement.