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Tottenham Hotspur fans react to Lloris' performance on Twitter

Hugo Lloris had his second start in a Tottenham Hotspur shirt last night, as the club drew 1-1 with Panathaniakos.

Hugo Lloris has rightly or wrongly been one of the biggest talking points of Spurs' season, even though up until last night he had only played once.

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karim3518d ago

Some pretty aggressive tweets, hope Lloris doesn't have a twitter account..

abzdine3516d ago

i think he is a good goalkeeper and if he has to prove anything he needs some playing time.

what he is lacking imo is the leading skills and lloris is quite a kind of shy guy who doesn't talk and take the initiative.

kikizoo3516d ago

Best goalkeeper in england, since he is number one in france...

Kopite_20203516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Shall we lock all the toon fans and the spurs fans in a room to rant about how good they are and the reasons why they've won fuck all recently? It annoys me how some fans can expect to win everything, incredibly arrogant.