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50 Best International Players of All Time

Thomas Atzenhoffer Writes: There are so many different ways you could label the greatest international players of all time.

One could classify them based on their goals total, others on their assists total. There again you could base it on the amount of trophies that a player has been a participant in winning for their country.

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karim3896d ago

For me, it's the Brazilian Ronaldo, one of the all time greatest players

PaPa-Slam3896d ago

For me it's:

Zinedine Zidane & Ronaldo. i still go back and watch their brilliant Game Clips on Youtube.

buddymagoo3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Sir Bobby a legend and a hero. he did all his friends who died in the plane crash that he survived proud!


BritishUK3895d ago

A nice one would be Ronaldo of Brazil
Another would be Zidane of France
And My last would be Didier Drogba " Mr Wembley "

They Forgot to add George Best and Franz Beckenbauer!
Where is Abedi Pele of Ghana?
There is more than 50 players that could fit perfectly with these players , hard to pick and chose between.