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'Of course I meant it' - Cleverley insists goal against Newcastle was intentional

The England international took to Twitter to confirm that he meant the spectacular strike which rounded off his side's 3-0 victory at the Sports Direct Arena on Sunday

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Nes_Daze3508d ago

Looked like he did, it was amazing goal, really shut down Newcastle for good.

Thefreeman0123507d ago

I still believe it was a cross to RVP

buddymagoo3506d ago

As I have said previously, if Cleverley didn't mean this then surely Cisse didn't mean his against Chelsea.

Thefreeman0123506d ago

im sure that he meant to put it into the area he did , just ike cisse probably meant to kick it towards net. there takes a lot of skill with a bit of luck

mmj3506d ago

Back post cross for me, RvP was already making the making the run before he hit it.

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