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'Messi and Ronaldo are from another planet' - Mourinho

The Portuguese boss heaped praise on the pair after their virtuoso performances in what he felt was an entertaining game for all to see.

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karim4278d ago

That Messi freekick was eyegasmic, pure class

KingPin4278d ago

this is so true.

just shows you the universe is in balance. cant have ronaldo without messi, cant have messi without ronaldo.

undoubtedly the best 2 players on the planet right now. you can just see their superiority on the field over the other players on the pitch.

a joy to watch em play.

Corepred44278d ago

Messi's first goal was bs luck though. But that class on the free kick made up for it. Benzema couldn't have played crappier, should have had 2 goals in the first half. Madrid's sub just couldn't catch up to the pace of the game. Montoya's?? would have had me so pissed if it was a couple inches lower. phew!