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Lukasz Piszczek (Borussia Dortmund) painfully wraps his legs around the goalpost v Hannover


Sometimes being a last ditch defender can hurt. Badly.

Reigning Bundesliga champs Borussia Dortmund could only record a 1-1 draw at Hannover over the weekend, but the visitors were indebtted to their Polish fullback Lukasz Piszczek for saving a certain goal from on the goal line.

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no_more_heroes3772d ago


*reflexively folds legs*

jak3y13oy3771d ago


Thats gotta hurt!

Well done for keeping the goal out!

Thats loyalty for ya, risking your Crown Jewel's for your team! ;)

karim3771d ago

What a player! Terrific effort

dcortz20273771d ago

Now that's the kind of player you want playing on your team, simply incredible! Risking it all for the team. I hope he's okay!

mafiahajeri3770d ago

They should have battered Man city if it wasnt for joe hart

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