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Liverpool's Luis Suarez hits back at FIFA 'cheat' blast

Liverpool Luis Suarez has responded angrily after FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce branded him a cheat.

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PaPa-Slam4234d ago

He better keep it shut before they ban him or something.

crazyturkey4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Suarez maybe should stop going down so easily in the box, at least For a while. Liverpool doesn't need this publicity, especially with how they are doing currently in the EPL. He is carrying the fame a as diver, which means that he will probably have to break something for a ref to give him a favorable call. So the best thing for him to do is try to shoot more often at goal that maybe be for positive for his image.

Yi-Long4233d ago

.... Suarez was very often FOULED, and didn't get the decision.

The FA needs to bring in video-refereeing; If he dives, then ban him, but when he IS fouled, which is also quite often, he deserves a free kick or penalty!

Right now, Suarez isn't getting ANY of the decisions, even if he's entitled to them.