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'Mercenary' Carlos Tevez is all that's wrong with football, says Barton

The 30-year-old midfielder feels the Argentine striker epitomises all that is wrong with modern football, and has called into question his own 12-match ban received from the FA.

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no_more_heroes4204d ago


Now I've seen everything...

PaPa-Slam4203d ago

Not this guy again.

Is he even relevant of a new headline anymore.

Thefreeman0124203d ago

even if no body likes barton he still has a point although hes just saying what we are all thinking.. Barton may be a idiot but tevez is a scuzz ball

karim4203d ago

I thought Joey Barton is what's everything wrong in football

ProjectVulcan4202d ago

They should both write a joint book on all that is wrong with football because between them, they are it