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Suarez is a cheat, blasts Koscielny

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has hit out at Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, slamming the Uruguayan as a "cheat."

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karim3756d ago

We got, we freaking got...Everyone is saying it, we got it. He's a cheat, even by unborn grandson knows that by now

Yi-Long3756d ago

... Torres and Drogba can also fall over quite easily. Henry at Arsenal also wasn't a saint. Liverpool also have Gerard who's made some ridiculous dives. At Man Utd they don't even have to dive to get the decisions with them (but they still do it anyways), etc etc.

I'm not really sure why Suarez is the one who is getting all the 'cheating!!!' coverage, especially considering he often IS fouled, yet never seems to get the decision his way!

We need video-refereeing. When someone cheats, BAN him. But if he is fouled, he deserves a free kick or penalty.

crazyturkey3756d ago

I thought that the pounding on Suarez would be over by now, but I guess it can still keep the momentum going. For what I've seen even some Liverpool supporters are either hating on him or just won't bother to try to defend him.

freeduck3756d ago

Nah, LFC fans love him. Let the haters hate, Suarez is the best dribbler in the premiership, and makes a mockery out of defenders with all his tricks and nutmegs. No wonder why people hit out at him. Ultimately it just makes him mentally stronger.
Not saying he is an angel, but look at many other players who do the same thing and don't get blasted by the media. A lot of decisions have gone against Suarez simply because of his reputation

no_more_heroes3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

At this point, Suarez is being treated like a mangy dog.

Fair? Probably not.

Does he help himself at all most weeks? Probably not.

I will say though that it baffles me slightly as to why Koscielny's seen fit to even get involved. Seems a bit unnecessary if you ask me.

crazyturkey3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Well, it seems Kos was asked that question and right now that is the most be the obvious/easiest answer.