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Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo to become third youngest footballer in Europe to reach 100 caps

When Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo picks up his 100th cap against Northern Ireland on Tuesday he will reflect on a career which started in central defence and was marked by early shyness before an explosion of attacking flair made him one of football’s greatest players.

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karim3758d ago

Amazing achievement and only 25, he can do a record-caps

Ninjamonkey823755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Pity he couldn't do fcuk all against my home lads Northern Ireland :D. World class my ass come down belfast anyday Ronnie and we will show ya whats what boy :D. Where barely a regular player on the field for Northern Ireland the other night ffs lol. At there ground aswell lol. Be ashamed haha.